Asmr Joi intense 3dio cummng hard

5,971 5.0

Emanuelly Raquel

Brazilian / Brazil
5,971 5.0
18:13 min - Sep 20 - .MP4 - 1.13 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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jarya5 - Top reviewer Oct 17
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Holy shit this is a great video! Just has tingles running all through my brain and body! Love this girl and how dirty she is with her 3dio

John6172 - Top reviewer Sep 30
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Emanuelly Raquel is a very sexy and hot lady with a great body, nice long black hair and a soft sexy voice. She whispers sweet JOI instructions to us the viewers in the Portuguese language with English subtitles. This is my first video that I've bought of hers so I cannot judge this ... Does she not show her face? For confidential reasons? She has a sexy mouth and nose but that's all you can see. No face! ... I would have preferred that she was further from the camera about eight to ten inches away so that you can take in the whole picture of this Brazilian goddess. A perfect body, along with a beautiful face. It was a slight disappointment. However, I cannot fault her if she does not want to show her entire face for privacy reasons. That said. Her body is gorgeous. And she deserves a perfect score. Five stars!

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