Bunny BBW's Tinder Hook-Ups: Episode One



British / London
14:29 min - Jul 29 - .MP4 - 335.46 MB - 1280x720 HD


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Whoa. Hard to express how much I enjoyed this. It's a dream come true to see Bunny in action with a guy - and what a lucky guy he is too. Bunny is clearly a magnificent lover. That gorgeous face! That wonderous bod! That sassy attitude! Great fun to watch. Looking forward to more

After meeting Tom* at a bar and sizing him up I decided he was a cutie and I was feeling horny enough to take him back to my place. We hastily finished our drinks and rushed home, I couldn't wait to rip his clothes off and show off my BJ skills. But first, I sat on top of him. Feeling his boner through his pants beneath my weight started to get me wet. He sucked on my giant tits, and we made out whilst he grabbed my belly, it really turned me on to feel his adoring hands grope my body and reach over to my fat ass. I kissed him all over and quickly worked my way down to his pelvis and began sucking his hard cock, I love taking it all the way down my throat, feeling his hands in my hair, gently guiding me to take it deeper and deeper, making a sloppy mess. I have to admit, I have a bit of a spit fetish and love to spit all over a hard cock. So by this point was pussy was aching to get fucked. I couldn't take my fishnets off fast enough, before straddling him and riding his cock. It felt so huge inside of me. I rode his dick till my thighs ached and then positioned myself in doggy-style to take a good pounding. Feeling us both get closer and closer, I decided to slow it down a little, I turned around to kiss him, he laid me down, grabbing my huge tits and belly. I felt so desperate for his cock I started touching myself, and rubbing my clit with the head of his penis. At this point we couldn't help but fuck some more. I pushed my legs all the way back so I could take every inch of his dick. It felt so fucking good, I was close to cumming when he pulled out, spooned me from behind and finger-fucked my pussy. I felt totally feral, desperate for more, desperate to cum and desperate to feel his cum on me. I start jerking him off and sucking him off, taking him to the edge, when he took over and exploded all over me and I felt his hot spunk all over my chest, I was finally satisfied.