Don't Go, I Love You - Romantic POV

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"You're moving?" your best friend said, distraught. Her eyes practically brimmed with tears. You didn't think she'd be so bothered by it! Sure, you guys have been close since forever and you talk every day, but still. You didn't expect this. "It's just...I know this is an opportunity but don't you think...I don't know...have you ever thought about us?" she says, biting her lip. You can't believe what she's saying! Of course you've thought about it, but you figured it was a no-go. I mean, you're best friends. And you don't want to ruin that. But you've always been attracted to her...her big blue eyes, her peaches and cream complexion. Her full breasts and her ample ass. It's impossible not to think about it! And now here she is, begging you to stay, her hands moving across her body. She strips for you, sensuous and slow. She watches you watching her and you can tell she delights in it, posing and posturing so her curves are accentuated just how you like, begging you to get closer, to touch her, to let her touch you...before you know it, you're sliding into her warm, wet pussy, watching her face as she moans beneath you. The two of you grind and ride each other, eventually getting onto the floor where she takes your cock from behind, you watching her hips bounce and her tits sway as you fuck her like you always imagined. When you get close, she gets on her knees and sucks you like she's starving for cum, taking your thick load across her face with a devious, delighted smile!
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