First Ever: All Day Stuff and Weigh IN

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1,789 5.0
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I honestly LOVE how adorable Ivy is in this wonderful video not only do you get to see her wonderful curves but also you get to see how much of a dream she is. While also having a wonder sense of humor and very very cute burps too. :)

I’ve been stuffing myself so much lately so I wanted to show you just what a day typically is for me. I decided to stuff app day, I start off with some grilled cheese and ramen with kelly, cookies in a bubble bath, and to top breakfast off some McDonald’s! I don’t stop there I eat a pizza, sandwich, Cinnabon and more! You finally get to see me stuff with KingKelly. She feeds me, plays with my belly, and makes sure I eat every last bite! Tons of belly play, facestuffing, burping and more! *attentions: due to the video being way to long I cut off the first 10 mins where me and kelly are feeding each other grilled cheese and ramen USE CODE: que59540 to purchase those 10 mins I will email it to you. Code adds a 20% upcharge* TAGS: BBW, SSBBW, blonde, natural breast, fat rolls, blue eyes, thick thighs, armpits, feet, feedee, feederism, cosplay, roleplay, lesbian, fat, fetish, inflatables, smoking, balloons, squashing, sploshing, shower, DD/LG, food, masturbation, anal, toys, fingers, body comparison, belly button, nails, teeth, oral Fixation, blowjobs, shaved, hairy pussy, porcelain, pale, fupa, fat pussy, twerking, dirty talk, overeating, facestuffing, clothes destruction, ignore fetish, thick, chubby, chugging, smoke, cigarettes, fat belly, belly rolls, moan, nipple clamps, cum shot, horny, naughty, school girl, cum slut, femdom, findom, foot job, BDSM, wax play , AZofPornography